About the Shimberg Center


To facilitate the provision of safe, decent, and affordable housing and related community development throughout the state of Florida, and thereby to establish Florida as the national and international model for successful affordable housing delivery.

What We Do

The Shimberg Center conducts research into housing policy and planning, with a special focus on housing affordability for Florida residents. We provide data and applied research to state agencies, local planners, the housing industry, non-profits, and others involved in shaping housing policy in Florida. We work closely with our colleagues in University of Florida's College of Design, Construction and Planning.

Our current research focuses on documenting housing market conditions and affordable housing needs in Florida's counties, cities and neighborhoods; preserving Florida's affordable rental housing; linking affordable housing with land use and transportation decisions through GIS modeling; and supporting the development of energy efficient and healthy homes. The Center also produces the Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse, which provides public access to data on housing needs and supply for Florida's cities and counties.