Rental Market Study Shows Increasing Affordable Housing Need

The Shimberg Center's 2013 Rental Market Study finds that over 737,000 low income renters in Florida pay more than 40 percent of their income for housing, up from 553,000 in 2005. The study shows that more Floridians are renting their homes than in past years, especially younger households and families with children. It also shows that rents have increased in the last decade, while renter incomes are down. Additional reports describe the state's public and assisted housing supply and the housing needs of homeless persons, people with disabilities, and farmworkers

Connecting Housing, Transportation and Jobs

Shimberg Center researchers recently presented a series of papers on the use of the GIS-based Affordable Housing Suitability Model to evaluate new and existing affordable housing sites in terms of their access to jobs and transit, driving costs,physical environment, and neighborhood socioeconomic characteristics. Download the reports: an overview of the HSM , an evaluation of transit accessibility of affordable housing in the Orlando area, and an analysis of jobs-housing spatial mismatch.

The Shimberg Center for Housing Studies was established at the University of Florida in 1988 to promote safe, decent and affordable housing and related community development throughout the state of Florida.